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Maintaining your trailer and getting trailer repair services early will help prevent dangerous situations. Ignoring issues will only put you at risk of being stranded on the side of the road. Pick Old Skühl Diesel and Equipment Service, LLC for tractor-trailer repairs in Midland or Pleasanton, TX. We can work with both light-duty and heavy-duty trailers. We'll make you aware of any problems we find.

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3 common trailer issues

3 common trailer issues

You never want to run into a malfunction while you're on the road. If you aren't servicing your trailer, you could experience problems, like:

1.Brake Failures
2. Suspension Failures
3. Bearing Failures

Since these issues can result in serious injury, it's vital that you get a trailer repair as soon as you notice any issues. Call us today at 432-701-3655. We can service your trailer in our shop or in the field.